Author's Other Works

Below is some selected work from my past on the topic of population and the environment.

All of the above works are by Thomas Bolioli


  • Brown University Providence, RI :1999-2001
    MA Environmental Studies
  • Adelphi University Garden City, NY :1994-1998
    Cum Laude BA - Double Major: Environmental Studies/Physical Anthropology

Academic/Field Experience (as of May 2001)

  • MA Thesis, Brown University: The Population Dynamics Behind Sprawl (May 2001)
  • Archaeological Field School in Thasos, Greece Excavation and physical assessment of individuals from a necropolis dating from 300-500 Years B.C. 1996 and 1998
  • President of the Adelphi Environmental Action Coalition 1995-1997
  • Published research paper (Deciphering the Skeletal Secrets of Hellenistic Abdera) May 1997, National Council of Undergraduate Research (NCUR)
  • Published research paper (The Testimony Of Bones: The Case Of Ancient Thailand) April 1998. National Council of Undergraduate Research (NCUR)
  • Published research paper in Honor's College publication Adelphi Symposium, March 1996 (The Cultural and Technological Mechanisms of Overpopulation and the Resultant Effects on the Environment)
  • Writer for the Delphian, Adelphi's official school paper. Authored segments on environmental issues.


©Copyright 2001,
Thomas Bolioli

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